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03 Dec 2017

Mont Saint-Michel

I visited Mont Saint-Michel completely unprepared, photographically speaking, and my experience was very different from Étretat. Honestly only one thing was the same. The weather. It’s cold in Normandy! Coming from Sweden I expected to find a relatively good weather, instead it was challenging. At sunrise the temperature was around 0 °C and it was windy throughout the day. While visiting Mont Saint-Michel I found out that this was not a coincidence, weather in Normandy...
15 Nov 2017

Sunrise at the cliffs of Étretat

Let me tell you about the morning I went to photograph the beautiful cliffs of Étretat, France. It was on a cold day in November 2017, when I visited the cliffs for the first time. It’s never easy to wake up for the Sunrise, especially because you never know how it’s gonna be. In my case it was raining, and you always think in that moment: Maybe I should go back to bed. It’s cold...
12 May 2017


I’ve been shooting with a DLSR for almost 8 years now and I accumulated quite a lot of files on my hard drive. At the beginning I’ve been looking at DNG files mostly for space and archiving reasons. In fact one of the main obvious advantages of DNG format is compression. Is quite obvious that the compression of a format designed for a portable device, that is the camera, can’t be extremely high. DNG supports...